Digital commerce is not about the apps!

I am an entrepreneurial leader with large company sensibility.

Much of my experience is in finance, culminating as Chief Financial Officer of a global logistics company, serving military, energy exploration and non-governmental clients in challenging locations. I have also had responsibility for employee benefits, risk management and information systems – and disaster recovery experience after Hurricane Katrina disrupted our operations.

I’m most effective when there’s a challenge to be met. Whether that’s improving revenue through product, channel or market development, or reducing costs through process redesign or reorganization, I enjoy taking a hands-on approach to bringing people and resources together to come up with successful solutions.

This drive to create value has led me to create and lead “intrepreneurial” teams offering new products within large companies, as well as to be the entrepreneurial Chief Executive Officer of a social startup of my own.

I’m adept at talking SAP, Hyperion, SAS, Unix, SQL, Java, Hadoop and the like with IT teams. I’m also able to translate business needs into “IT-speak” and develop successful enterprise-wide IT/ERP/CRM project deployments around them. 

As consumers moved online, I immersed myself in digital commerce strategy and deployed one of the earliest mobile apps that allowed for ordering and payment from a smartphone. My takeaway is that people, infrastructure and process changes required to execute a digital strategy are much more difficult than developing apps.

Although I have worked in several service & manufacturing industries, I find that much of my career has been in health care, either in finance roles, or as director of a woman-owned healthcare consulting company. The focus of my MBA is also in health sector management.

Please contact me if I can be of service to you! I’m always happy to talk finance, quantitative marketing, strategy, healthcare policy, solar power or electric cars.

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